Rebranding In the NAC Network

Price Truck Line, MTS Freight, RAC Transport, and DATS Trucking have been rebranded to CrossCountry Freight Solutions!

Price, MTS, RAC, & DATS are known for their extensive coverage of rural areas built over many years of experience. As of April 4th we are rebranding them into CrossCountry. Our combined footprint covers 12 states and 6 additional market areas. We deliver direct to over 7,900 service points!

Why are we rebranding these companies?

Unifying under the CrossCountry name will help reduce confusion for our customers and allow us to provide the best service possible. Over the past two years, we have implemented our operating system and processes across four new acquisitions (Price, MTS, RAC, & DATS).This name change will increase efficiencies for us and our customers. As a company we look forward to thriving under one name across our expanding network.

How will this impact my account & shipments?

• Account number will remain the same
• Invoices will now come from CrossCountry Freight Solutions
• Websites will be redirected to
• Your online tools log in will remain the same
• Shipping History will be available at
• Your shipping rates will carry over to CrossCountry
• You may see former branding on trailers, materials, uniforms, etc while we make this transition

*If you have a contract account, we will reach out prior to changing your account to CrossCountry. If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative.

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*Note that these site will be removed in the future.