Express 2000 is now CrossCountry Freight Solutions!

CrossCountry Freight Solutions acquired Express 2000 Transportation in July, 2023. As part of our commitment to providing seamless and enhanced freight solutions, we have integrated Express 2000 into the CCFS family.

To better serve you and ensure uninterrupted service, here is how to request a pickup with CCFS

Ways To Request A Pick Up


Register for CCFS's Online Tools

Save time and increase the visibility of your freight with CrossCountry's suite of Online Tools.

Register For Online Tools

Use the Legacy Pick Up Form

Use the same pick up form you are used to with Express 2000's legacy form.

Legacy Pick Up Form

Email or Call Customer Service

Email: Phone: (888) 202-5886


Use Express 2000's Legacy Tools

Utilize Express 2000's legacy tools for shipments prior to 10/02/2023

E2K Universe

Want to Learn More?

Learn more about the Express 2000 Integration